Welcome to Wolf Pack Meats

Since 1967, University of Nevada has operated an abattoir/meat processing plant specializing in professor/student raised meats.


Wolf Pack Meats is one of the leading national educational facilities where students get first hand experience in production to retail distribution. Mike Holcomb, the facilities manager and master butcher, has been working in the meat industry since 1989 and has provided his expertise to Wolf Pack Meats.


Facilities PhotoProud to boast about our preparation areas, Wolf Pack Meats has clean, spacious and climate controlled rooms, which have received unanimous approval from students, and the USDA has repeatedly endorsed the facility.


Within Nevada's meat processing circles, Wolf Pack Meats is also unique in that it processes all its product on site. Providing students the opportunity to participate in the pre-processing procedures that are part of every abattoir.  Wolf Pack Meats is now furnished with state of the art equipment. Enabling students to learn the virtues of meat technology while utilizing the industries finest machinery.


For more information call or write to:

Mike Holcomb
5895 Clean Water Way
Reno, Nevada 89502
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Phone: (775) 857-3663
Email: wolfpackmeats@cabnr.unr.edu


Hours are Monday - Friday:  6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.